I made another blog at WordPress

From now on, I write my posts there:

See ya! :D

Naba t. Inaba

Supposedly I can listen to Kouhaku Utagassen (tv show of the end of year) by NHK Radio 1 via TuneIn


19:15? JST


Iwate?? 19:23?? Mmmmm..

I try to listen to it

And stop the player

Only in my head, could I replay the tune?


Then, again, I listen to the same composition

Can I replay this time?

No, I can’t

One more try

No, this time too

Mmm, how many times do I listen to it until memorise?

(Two days left to PAYDAY)

To get more practice time (if possible, making time too), I have to do not listen to other

Mmm, too much listening to SoundCloud?

Ha ha ha
(But I can’t stop that..) XD


This time I used satsuma-imo (sweet potato?) instead of carrot

( https://nabaweb.wordpress.com/2014/11/14/first-nimame-i-cooked/ )

Mmm, good.. No need sugar, I mean


Which piece do I want to hear now?

I? Mmmmm..